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The Monday Brief

The Monday Brief | Stephen Boyd's monthly Capitol Hill briefing for business, financial, defense and government affairs executives.

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Latest Edition:

The Monday Brief is a weekly series in the Alabama Daily News by HGS's own Stephen Boyd.  Stephen's unique perspective and detailed insight to the inter workings of the Washington political landscape is invaluable and entertaining.

A Reversal of Fortunes Turns the Presidential Race Upside Down


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Capitol Hill Summer Scurry, The Legislative Roadmap, and What Matters Most in June

Congress Tries to Stay on Track, Speaker Johnson, Coach Seeks to Limit Burdens on Business, and AI Takes Air Force Officials for a Ride

Congress Can Still Do Big Things? A Bridge in the Water, Data Protection, Aderholt & Appropriations, and an Impeachment That You Might Miss

Arduous Appropriations Process May Finally Be Near Resolution Just as New Federal Funding Cycle Begins

Congress Kicks Off Busy February with a Mix of Old and New Business

The January schedule. The BIG Issue. Upcoming Political & Legislative Calendar

Accomplishments? NDAA, Isreal & Ukraine, Military Nominations, 702 and a Happy Holiday to you!

Ten Straight Weeks of Legislation - Name Calling, Brawling, and Frayed Nerves

Shutdown Watch, CR, Polls, the NDAA, and Sunrise Comes Ealier with Time Change

What’s Next in the Ongoing Speaker Fiasco

What to Watch During an Unprecedented Leadership Change in the House

In Shock Move, McCarthy Avoids Shutdown. Now What?

A Big Week Kicks Off on Capitol Hill

Congress Looks to Rebound After Critical Week that Produced Little

With Shutdown Threat Looming, Congress Faces Difficult "To-Do" List this Fall

August Recess is Upon Us

Washington is a Great Place to Live or Visit - Except in August

The Schedule....

Congress Gets Back to Work on a Growing To-Do List of High-Profile Legislation

End of a Long Run of Congressional Activity...

Debt Crisis Averted, Congress Looks Ahead and SPACECOM Fight Moves to New Committee

No Clear Path to a Debt Deal…SPACECOM Debate… Two Big Presidential Contenders… DOJ Brings Charges Against Santos…

Debt Drama Delays… NDAA on hold… Spending Committees reshuffle timelines...Sen. Feinstein returns…

Debt Limit, Immigration Problems, the Ills of Social Media, Biden Polls Badly

The House of Representatives and Senate Return to Legislative Action

Biden Re-Election, Debt Limit, Energy, and Abortion

China, Fentanyl, and the Southwestern Border...

Jack Smith, Georgia Fraud, Tax Provisions, and Crime

Budget, Banking, Debt, and Drilling

Crime emerging as key political issue...

10th Edition of THE MONDAY BRIEF and the Debt Limit

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud...

The Tortoise & the Hare

Getting Down to Business

Heated Words on the House Floor

Speaker of the House Election - Messy Business

A Viewer’s Guide to the First Week

SPACECOM heads to AL and NDAA is Done

The Good, the Bad, and...the Ugly

All Eyes on Georgia, and It's Not About Football

On Washington, Leaving the Hill and his Upcoming Column

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